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Grade 2 Fall Baseball - Welcome!
by posted 09/14/2020

Grade 2 Fall Baseball Parents,

Welcome to the D'Backs team!  My name is George Stathas, and along with Hemant Modi, we will be coaching the D'Backs this fall.

I know many of us are excited to be playing baseball this fall;  we are excited to be able to start the season this Saturday.  Our goals for this season are to ensure each player has fun, make some new friends / reacquaint with old friends, and learn some new baseball skills along the way.


Things to consider:


Safety / Equipment

1) To reiterate a prior email sent out by the Wellesley Youth Baseball League, we continue to remain vigilant in adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols set earlier in the summer.  The details can be found at  wellesleyybs.org. Key components include the following:


-  When at the field, keep as much distance as possible from others.  When you can't socially distance, please wear a mask.  Players must have a suitable face covering that they will wear.  Please provide a mask that works best for your family and your child.


-  When at the field, please keep as much distance as possible from others.  When you can't socially distance, please wear a mask. 




-  During games, it is CRITICAL that players do not crowd into the dugout. Players should set up their equipment behind the dugouts. One idea that works is for each player to bring a camp chair and set up a “spot” behind the dugout as a great way to keep safely distant, but still be near teammates. Parents need to assist coaches in keeping the kids safely distant and out of the dugout as much as possible.

- No sharing of equipment.  Having your own bat, glove and helmet is enough. Coaches will have hand sanitizer in their bag in case any player needs or wants to use some.   We will make it a point to offer hand sanitizer when players are coming off the field each inning. Players should bring their water bottles.  We wont be having group snacks at the end of games this season.

-  Outdoor sports require a maximum of 25 players on a field at one time.  Because of the nature of baseball/softball, we will be under those requirements at all times.


-  Additionally, there is a maximum of 50 spectators per field.  The key takeaway from this is, while we encourage all families to get out and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather, we ask that you be courteous to other families and continue to maintain distance from others.  


-  If there are any questions/ comments/ suggestions, please email .



         -  We will be playing on Saturdays at 1pm, beginning this Saturday.  The field has not been determined as of this writing.  As soon as we are updated, we will share the field and full schedule information.

         -  Players will receive hats and jerseys prior to the first game this Saturday.  There are NO makeup games for rainouts.  There is usually a practice time prior to each game (live batting practice, fielding/ catching, etc).  Games are live pitched by coaches.  In the past games have lasted between 60-90 minutes long.  This Saturday will be chaotic so i will ask everyone to arrive 15 minutes before the game so we can hand out jerseys and hats.

         -  If you have any conflicts or commitments please email or text me if you will not be able to make a practice or game so we can plan accordingly.


Contact Info

        -  My cell is 617-755-1728 and email is  . Please feel free to contact me via email or phone with any questions. 


A follow up email will be sent this week as soon as we hear where the games will be played.



Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Let's make Fall Ball 2020 the best ever!


George & Hemant


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